Wednesday, 18 April 2012

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Bayern Munich Vs Real Madrid

Hello and welcome to Allianz Arena where we have Leg One semifinal action between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

Join the online team for live video highlights as they occur, game commentary and all the drama of the Champions League 2012. Remember to refresh your browser occasionally and we’ll warn you when we add video with ‘video up’.Bayern win 2-1! Thanks for coming look forward to the second leg.

89 mins: Gomez scores! last minute - great effort. Lahm down the right delivers a great ball near post and Mario Gomez makes no mistake. Video up.

88 mins: Gomez through again and another appeal for a penalty, it's Ramos with contact but the defenders did well to clear... perhaps Webb got it right again? You decide. Video up.

85 mins: Gomez wins a header and this time it's on target but it's straight at Casillas.

82 mins: HUGE let off for Real Madrid as Pepe gets the ball close to his hand in the box.... Howard Webb waves play on. Video up... thinking that was a good decision. Gonzalo Higuain for Madrid on for Benzema.

79 mins: Sergio Ramos booked for a shocking challenge.... I could go on and on about the challenges but there are players flying in all over the place and collecting the player not the ball combined with plenty of rolling around and play acting. Esteban Granero on and Angel Di Maria makes way for his Real Madrid teammate.

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